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Pay bills


VIP PAY – Your new payment method

VIP PAY, our payment system, already works successfully at our locations to the satisfaction of users. Via VIP PAY you can do the following:

  1. open a payment account with us free of charge
  2. make payments and withdrawals from your payment account free of charge
  3. conveniently make payments of all types of bills (utilities, registrations, taxes, travel arrangements, school fees…) from a payment account or directly, using cash, checks, or payment cards
  4. conveniently send or receive money transfers in the country
  5. activate a standing order for the payment of obligations
  6. have constant insight into the balance and transactions on your payment account, get statements and all kinds of confirmations
  7. get a favorable short-term loan for payment transactions (SOON)
  8. withdraw cash from your payment card.



Our experience, knowledge, and the strength of our team, form a good basis for trust

Payment institution

20 years of successful work in the currency exchange business guarantee stability and reliability for our clients.

VIP SISTEM doo registered one of the first payment institutions on this market.

A branching business network of locations, and soon also a network of representatives, will enable our clients to conveniently pay their obligations, make remittances, and get credit for payment services throughout Serbia.

You can download the document containing general terms and conditions for the provision of payment services to consumers, the notice on how to submit a complaint, the complaint form, as well as the term plan, fee tariffs and interest rates on the documents page.

Locations providing payment services

The network of locations where we provide payment services is constantly expanding, and currently includes the following facilities:

VIP LocationAddress
VIP RESAVSKAResavska 2, Beograd
VIP LAZAREVACŽeležnička bb, Beograd - Lazarevac
VIP ŽARKOVOTrgovačka 9a, Beograd
VIP SLAVIJABulevar Oslobođenja 1, Beograd
VIP MLADENOVACBraće Badžak 2, Beograd - Mladenovac
VIP JAJINCITC IDEA Bulevar Oslobođenja 162, Beograd
VIP KRAGUJEVACUgao Save Kovačevića i Miodraga Vlajića Šuke, Kragujevac
VIP JAGODINAVuka Bojovića bb, VIVO Shoping Park, Jagodina
VIP PLAZABIG FASHION šoping centar, Višnjička 84, Beograd
VIP BEOGRAD NA VODIHercegovačka 14, BW Residences, Beograd
VIP DELTA CITYShopping centar Delta City, Beograd
VIP BEŽANIJATC RODA (Bivši TC IDEA) Partizanske Avijacije bb, Beograd
VIP UŠĆE 1Shopping center UŠĆE, ugao Bulevara Mihajla Pupina i Milentija Popovića, 1. sprat, Beograd
VIP UŠĆE 2Shopping center UŠĆE, ugao Bulevara Mihajla Pupina i Milentija Popovića, nivo -2, Beograd
VIP BLOK 61Dr Ivana Ribara 91, Novi Beograd
VIP TEMPO KVANTAŠAutoput za Novi Sad 35, Beograd
VIP AERODROMAerodrom Nikola Tesla Beograd, terminal 1, lokal 1.9, Beograd
VIP ADA MALLAda Mall, Radnička 9, Beograd
VIP BEO SHOPPING CENTERBeo Shopping Center, Vojislava Ilića 141, Beograd
VIP Blok 45Jurija Gagarina 221, Novi Beograd
VIP TC Delta PlanetBulevar Nemanjića 11 b, Niš; radnim danima: 10-22h, subotom: 10-22h, nedeljom: 10-22h
VIP GalerijaBulevar Vudroa Vilsona 12, Beograd
VIP Slavija 2Nemanjina 40, Beograd
VIP Tri lista duvanaBulevar kralja Aleksandra 18, prizemlje, lokal br LP2, Beograd
VIP NIS Sava CentarBulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 30a, Beograd